"I went to see Adele in October 2020 as I had suffered with severe bloating and discomfort in my stomach all my life, and felt it was related to food intolerances. Adele performed the Food Detective test and, over the next 3 months, we worked together on a plan making some dietary and lifestyle changes.

When I first saw Adele I rated my symptoms as a 10 out of 10 for how bad they were. At the end of the programme I rated them as a zero - my stomach is now flat and I have more energy and improved mood. I would definitely recommend working with Adele to improve your overall health and wellbeing."

Reem, Poynton

I am working with Adele on addressing issues with my nutrition. Life itself and the menopause have led to an increase in weight.

Adele is truly amazing and I am seeing steady results. However, the way I am feeling has surprised me most - I have more energy and my mood has been lifted. Adele has taught me to fall in love with cooking again.

I can’t recommend this wonderful lady enough. Adele motivates you to try new things, assess your relationship with food, and is there step by step as you build towards a new lifestyle. All of this has had to be done by zoom due to lockdown which shows how exceptional she is.

Thanks Adele for the journey so far.

Sharon, Marple

I really needed help to get my heath/life back on track so, after searching a number of nutritionist I decided on Adele. How glad am I that I did, she has been amazing.

Adele is thorough, caring, efficient, effective and very professional. Adele personalises her approach to your needs and what’s best for you, your body and your health. She supports you all the way through the programme, advising and recommending dietary and lifestyle changes that will help you, and Adele really goes out of her way to support you, above and beyond to what I expected.

Adele uses coaching techniques to help you work out for yourself what you need, starting with the basics then going onto what ever else is needed. She never judges you and is always calm, relaxed and easy to talk to.

Adele supports you all the way, providing menus, recipes and other tools to help and guide you towards your goal. She does her job expertly to perfection. Adele has helped me in more ways than I anticipated and I would highly recommend her to anyone. 100% such a lovely lady.

Gill, Denton

I had a food intolerance test with Adele and got the results whilst there! Amazing life changing results which have given me the power of food choices for the future.

At my annual weigh in after Christmas I'm pleased to say for the FIRST time ever I've lost a pound! I feel so much better and can't thank you enough!

Highly recommend that you consider visiting if you are experiencing discomfort after eating. This will change my life. Thanks Adele xxxxxx

Karen, Hazel Grove

Adele and her approach has been transformational for me. The biggest shift for me has been the focus; Adele has changed my focus to nutrition, well being and self care, rather than weight loss. However, the side effect of weight loss is fab!

I’ve rediscovered my love of good food and knowing I’m nurturing myself. I also have energy I haven’t felt in years. The one to one coaching sessions create a safe, non-judgemental environment to explore goal setting, potential barriers and most importantly, strategies to intercept any old thought processes and habits.

Having tried almost every diet out there, failing each time and gaining the weight back (and then some), I felt I was destined to remain that way. Adele’s professionalism, knowledge and compassion is the perfect combination to bring a serial dieter and severely overweight person like me back to the joy of living and eating well, as well as putting cravings and temptation behind me.

I can’t recommend Adele highly enough.

Steph Colwyn Bay

Adele has the unique ability of combining a relaxing massage with first class treatments to my back and neck. Her professional help has improved my condition immensley. Some men may feel self conscious about the word 'massage', but Adele is a very professional therapist and made me feel at ease in her company. I recommend her treatment to all.

Mr P, Bramhall

The treatment given (indian head massage combined with reflexology) has been successful in begining to lower my stress levels. This has been achieved by Adele tailoring the treatment to match the specific condition of the client. This, together with her care and concern, enables me to recommend Adele without hesitation.

M.W. Stockport

I suffer with Parkinson's disease and found that after my reflexology treatments the tremors were greatly reduced and I had more flexibility in my hands. I found the sessions very beneficial.

Josie, Manchester

My wife suggested I try a course of reflexology as I have a high pressure job, high blood pressure and digestive problems. I must admit that I was very sceptical at first, but was amazed to find that, after a few sessions my blood pressure did reduce and the indigestion disappeared.

David, Poynton

I have found reflexology to be invaluable in relieving the majority of my pregnancy symptoms and have found Adele to be professional, always responding to my needs. Highly recommended!

Lauren, Hazel Grove

I had a car accident resulting in a whiplash injury, massive headaches and shoulder injury. My physio recommended a course of massage and I was amazed how after just three sessions I started feeling better, was more relaxed and the pain was slowly going away. After the 6th session my condition was a lot better and the headaches had gone. Adele is very professional about her job and cares a lot about her patients. I would definitely come back for treatment if I needed to.

Arek, Northwich

Reflexology reduced my stress level and after a month the severe pain in my left shoulder had disappeared. The treatment has also given me pain relief in my right calf enabling me to walk without pain, but this is in conjunction with pain killers. Last Sunday I achieved an 8 mile walk without any pain whatsoever which I have not been able to do for months. After each treatment I felt more positive and confident and of course it was totally relaxing. Thank you.

Terry, Offerton

I find it very difficult to put into words how good you are - highly professional, very effective, the results of my visits to you have benefited me physically,emotionally and spiritually. You made me feel so at ease. Those words don't really do you justice.

Malcolm, Cheadle Hulme