What can I expect from a consultation with Adele?

This starts when you phone me and we have a chat about whatever is going on for you.

I then email you a diet diary to complete and return prior to your consultation. This is a really important step as it allows me to see what nutrients you are putting in your body, and what you might be missing out on. It also allows us to make the most of our time together when we meet.

You then come to my cosy log cabin in Poynton and over a cup of herbal tea we go through a comprehensive consultation form, looking at your past and present medical history. We go through your diet diary and discuss any supplements and tests that may be helpful.


I believe in educating my clients – I will never ask you to do something without explaining how and why it’s going to benefit you.

Before you go I book you in for a follow up appointment in 2-6 weeks, depending on your need.

Over the next 48 hours I go through all the information you have given me, and put together a comprehensive food led plan including meal suggestions, lifestyle interventions and supplement recommendations. All plans are designed to be workable and motivating.

You’re ready to start your exciting journey to achieve your health goals – but you are not alone! I am contactable by email, text or phone call if you have any questions and remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day – it’s probably taken years for whatever health condition you may have to develop, so it’s not going to disappear overnight.  Small permanent changes reap great long-term results and that’s just what we’re aiming for – long term good health.

Contact Adele today to book in for a Nutritional Therapy consultation